Natural Cycle

Some couples do not get pregnant right away but upon investigation there doesn’t seems to be any apparent cause. The first step in dealing with such a couple is to follow the natural cycle of the woman in order to help them discover the best time to try for fertilization and pregnancy naturally.

There are also some couples who use the natural cycle when planning for intrauterine insemination or IVF. In these cases, the woman’s body naturally selects the best egg.
This egg can either be fertilized through insemination inside the womb or extracted and fertilized outside as in conventional IVF.

The entire process is based on the woman’s menstrual cycle. There are no medicines to induce ovulation as in conventional IVF so no side effects and almost no chance of multiple pregnancies. The whole process minimizes stress.

However, we rarely consider natural cycle IVF as an option for women with poor response or poor ovarian reserve since we believe that the success rates are very low in such cases.

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