Fertility Preservation

HAYAH Fertility Clinic provides the service of selecting, freezing and storing sperm, eggs, and embryos at our partner IVF laboratories to preserve them for future use.
We keep our freezing techniques up to the latest and highest standards in order to ensure couples’ future possibilities to expand their families.

Sperm freezing can be of great benefit for men:
  • with poor semen quality to have a backup in case of deterioration
  • in certain therapeutic programs that may affect their sperm production later on as in cancer treatment or radiotherapy
  • in case of difficulty in attending at the time of IVF / ICSI due to work commitment or other logistic reasons
Egg freezing can be beneficial for women to preserve their fertility for the future including:
  • Women diagnosed with cancer where treatment may destroy their possibility of future pregnancies.
  • Women with objections to storing frozen embryos for religious and/or moral reasons.
Embryo freezing is another beneficial option for couples to extend their reproductive capabilities in certain cases including:
  • When there are excess embryos from the first IVF procedure which will save the couple time, expenses, and inconvenience of another IVF round.
  • When the couple wants to avoid multiple births at one time, using only one or two embryos at a time.
  • For women who are at high risk of developing severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Preserving embryos for future transfer is recommended to lessen the severity and duration of the condition.
  • For couples where the men or women will have future treatments that will lessen their ability to conceive as in cancer treatments.
  • To preserve embryos until the results of genetic testing for certain diseases are shown.
The quality of frozen sperm, eggs, and embryos are usually not compromised and they have comparable success rates to the fresh ones. Also, research shows that there is no increase in the risk of birth defects among children born from frozen embryos compared with normal births.

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